“ The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. ”

William Arthur Ward


The class can be split in different levels or all mixed as Marion can propose several options. Learn and understand a progression of movements and tricks in this very special LaCrampe way. During this session, you will get the tips and techniques to achieve some of the signature and favorite Marion’s combos and moves.

This master class can be designed for beginners or those comfortable with intermediary and advanced tricks.

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The class can be split or not in different levels. 1 or 2 girls per pole plus one pole for Marion. Very appreciated workshop for those who want to share a passioned moment where Marion will share with them the way to built a routine with her signature moves and dance.

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This class can be split in levels. Learn tips to make your spinning pole becomes magic. Marion will share with you the keys to develop your flow through different combos and transitions. We will never see your spin the same way.

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All levels. You always dream to get flexy pole moves. This class is The one to reach your goal. During the first part of the session, learn Marion’s technique of contortion and flexibility to improve your pole dancing workout. In second half, put your shorts on and get a chance to try your favorite bendy tricks on the pole.

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All levels. Discover the secrets of flexibility all in a secure and healthy way. Non pole workshop.

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All levels. 1 or 2 girls per pole plus one pole for Marion. This class is a special one where you need to wear socks and pants. The main rule is to keep contact with the floor, through a routine including dance, pole, feelings, flow, floor work… You will discover another way to express yourself. Don’t miss this special one.

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All levels. 1 or 2 girls per chair. During this fun & intensive class you will move your body fluidly with a groovy, lyrical routine mixed with cool and creative tricks with the chair…you will definitely love it. Heels or not… make your choice during booking. Non pole workshop.

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